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This place is so cool! Great prices, fast service. I love that you can walk right in. Shila cleaned me up and did a great job. Evened out my plucked/waxed brows. Threading is so neat! It is more precise than waxing b/c there are no little strays left to see.

Tara A.

Sanjose, CA

Gotta love these people! who knew I'd go to Vegas to get my eyebrows done? they were fast, clean, and only $7! thanks yelp!

Julia W.

Glendale, CA

I was in desperate need of an eyebrow touch up while out of town visiting Las Vegas. After reading the GREAT reviews about this place, I had to check them out. I must agree this place ROCKS! They were quick and my eyebrows look TERRIFIC! It's so amazing how they are able to provide you with a clean perfect looking brow with threading. I had mine done by MAI or MAE. For $7 I got my brows done and $5 for my upper lip. When I go back to Vegas I'm making sure I save all my hairs for them!!!!! 5 star

Monika L.

Sanjose, CA

Wow! So, I was pretty scared because I had heard that threading was more painful than waxing. So not true for me! It was a much more pleasant experience and my brows looked flawless when I left! I must also mention that I'm very picky. The best part was that on the way out I learn that it was only $5 for my first visit! $5!! Amazing! The woman looked at me apologetically when I looked shocked and explained to me that next time it will be $10. $10!!! This is my new favorite place.

Fancy P.

Las Vegas, NV

I needed to get threaded while in the 702 and found this place on yelp. I've decided this will be my threading place whenever I'm out there. Make sure to mention you're a first time customer before they charge you and the'll give you five dollars off! I even called the place and got a voicemail, and the guy called me back to let me know he's sorry he missed my call and he's from Eyebrows 4 Us. My own friends and family won't even call me back and say sorry for missing my call! LOL...I got thread

Tamara T.

Anaheim, CA

Had my eyebrows threaded for the first time not too long ago and it wasn't too bad. I paid 5 dollars since it was my first time. I'd do it again. I was in and out pretty quick since I didnt have anyone in particular to wait on.

Jamison G.

Las Vegas, NV

I was an original fan of this place when they only had 1 location that wasn't too busy. I use to tell EVERYONE about how could this place is! Shiela did mine forever at the Flamingo location & then I use to go to the Rainbow & Sunset locations as well. Never had a bad experience over the 2 years I went, nice, clean, perfect brows. Waxing is too harsh & threading is just right for me. Give them a try & experience it for yourself. Its very inexpensive too.

JColleen P.

Albany, CA

And here I thought that good eyebrow threading could only be found in California. So needless to say when I moved to Las Vegas I thought I would have to revert back to eyebrow waxing--blah!! Until!! I searched online (the beauty of the internet!) and found Eyebrows 4 Us on Flamingo Rd. I wasn't expecting much because I thought the name was cheesy but I was very wrong. This place is a huge beauty bar. With a large waiting area--needed because they can get pretty busy especially on the weekends

Sharen G.

Las Vegas, NV

We will come to Your Doorstep for 5 or more customers for all our threading servicesPlease call for pricing per person 702-606-2769

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