Eyebrow Threading

When you enter EYEBROWS RUS, you will be experiencing a unique and ancient Indian culture of an all-natural, safe and effective method of hair removal.

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Eyebrows threading

Eyebrow Threading

Threading is a hair removal technique that most likely originated in India and is commonly practiced across Asia for centuries. The process involves removing facial hair by using a thin cotton thread which is doubled and then twisted to pluck out unwanted hair from their roots. It is one of the most precise ways to quickly remove unwanted facial hair and has recently gained a lot popularity.

How does the process of Eyebrow threading work?

Firstly, the area of the skin is cleaned with an alcohol wipe to make it clear and sterilized. Then, the eyebrow threading expert uses a piece of cotton thread and holds it in between their hands and occasionally also takes help of their teeth to twist the thread. This allows them to make a quick twisting motion over the unwanted hair as it traps the hair and helps remove them from their roots.

This process of eyebrow threading usually takes about 10 minutes and does not involve harsh chemicals.


Why choose
Eyebrow Threading?

There are several benefits of opting for eyebrow threading.

1. Natural: It is all-natural process and does not involve any harmful chemicals.

2. Precise: It’s precise which makes the shape of the eyebrows look more detailed and natural.

3. Quick: Complete eyebrow threading process takes little over 10 minutes which is far less than waxing since that requires the wax to heat and then cool down.

4. Less Painful: Threading is far less painful than other means of hair removal techniques like waxing.

5. Easy to Maintain: Eyebrow threading is only required once every 4-6 weeks since the hair take a lot longer to grow out.


How much does Eyebrow Threading cost?

Our eyebrow threading service in Las Vegas just cost $12 and it takes about 10 mins to complete. You don’t need to make an appointment as you can just walk in to one of our 12 locations in Las Vegas.

Things to know before your first Eyebrow threading session

  • Don’t wear too much make up before the eyebrow threading session since that will have to be removed by the eyebrow threading expert as they clean the area to have a better look at your eyebrows.
  • Avoid getting your eyebrows threaded right before a big event. Since, eyebrow threading can leave your skin a little puffy and red afterwards.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to help with any skin irritation you may have experienced.
Eyebrow threading Price

Why choose EyebrowsRus for eyebrow threading services?

We at EyebrowsRus have been serving are customers with the best eyebrow threading services in Las Vegas. We have a team of exceptionally talented threading professionals that will understand your expectations and give you the best results possible.