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Eyebrows Tint

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is the process of using a semi-permanent dye on the eyebrows and, helps enhance the overall shape of the eyebrows as it makes them look more defined and prominent.

The eyebrow tinting professional usually uses a semi-permanent vegetable-based dye or henna and applies it on the brow area this makes them look more thicker, darker and uniform.

Our eyebrow tinting service in Las Vegas will help you save time since you will not have to use a brow pencil or make up to darken to your eyebrows every day. In addition, we only use 100% natural dye that is both safe and highly effective in eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow Tint$15.00

What is the process to get Eyebrow Tinting
in Las Vegas?

First, a brow tinting specialist inspects your eyebrows to understand your requirements and discusses how full and thick you’d like to have
your eyebrows tinted.

Then the expert with clean the area with an alcohol wipe and will also apply a petroleum jelly to avoid any unnecessary skin tanning. After that, our brow tint specialist will prepare the dye that matches with the color of your eyebrows and apply it on your eyebrows. The dye usually takes a few minutes to dry and to achieve the right color and consistency.

Finally, a damp towel is used to remove the excess dye and you get the perfect looking eyebrows.

How long does it take to get
your Eyebrows tinted?

Usually, an eyebrow threading session takes about 15 minutes. The most important thing is matching the color of the dye with the color of your eyebrows since that makes it look natural and more youthful.

Things to remember before getting your Eyebrows Tinted?

  • Eyebrow tinting is suitable for all skin types and hair colors. However, it’s a little more time consuming for people who have white or grey color brows.
  • Eyebrow tinting dye can stay on the skin underneath the brows but it usually gets washed away in a day or two.
  • Avoid getting your eyebrows wet at least 12 hours after your brow tint session since that might result in fading.
  • Avoid using oil based or exfoliating products around your eyebrows, as that might result in premature fading.
Eyebrow Tinting Process

How much does it cost to get
your brows tinted in
Las Vegas?

Our brow tint services in Las Vegas cost just $15. EyebrowsRus are the market leader for eyebrow tinting services in Las Vegas. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Visit one of our eyebrow tint studios and get your eyebrows tinted today!